Prana Press Organic Juices

$8.50 AUD

J1 DEEP GREEN cucumber, celery, lettuce, apple, parsley, spinach, lemon, astragalus A nutrient dense green blend with Astragalus for energy and adrenal support.

J2 GROUNDING GREEN apple, coconut water, celery, kale, zuchinni, lemon, andrographis Grounding and refreshingly sweet, packed with a variety of nutrients to nourish and cleanse, with Andrographis to support elimination of toxins and stimulate the immune system.

J3 HYDRA GREEN cucumber, spinach, celery, cos lettuce, mint, lime, milk thistle A refreshing and deeply hydrating blend, with Milk Thistle for liver support  and cleansing.

J4 IMMUNI-C orange, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric High in vitamin c to boost the immune system, with cleansing and  anti-inflammatory properties.

J5 CLEANSING ROOTS beetroot, carrot, apple, fennel, lemon, ginger, burdock root Rich in colour and full of nutrients with Burdock Root to help cleanse the blood.

J6 CHARCOAL LEMONADE filtered water, lemon, charcoal, cayenne, maple syrup A refreshing and detoxifying lemonade with activated coconut charcoal to draw out toxins and cayenne to kick start the metabolism.

M2 GOLDEN MYLK activated pressed almond cashew mylk, turmeric, ginger, honey, black pepper, vanilla A satiating blend of protein rich nuts, warming and nourishing spices, and natural sweetness. Great anti-inflammatory properties, nourishing and warming. 

NOTE: All of our juices contain ONLY 100% Organic Ingredients. Due to the varying availability and seasonality of organics, certain blends may not be available at times. As unlike many other companies out there, we are sticking true to our word and our hearts, and will not sneak in any non-organic ingredients