Peaceful lattes

$29.95 AUD


Peaceful Lattes are an exciting new product to the Timor Trading Co. range.

Made with organic, ethically sourced produce from Timor, Peaceful lattes are refreshing and taste delicious! Especially when mixed with coconut or almond milk.


Timor Coffee Co’s mission to source organic, ethical and direct traded coffee from Timor Leste. Maintain directcommunication and sustainable price negotiations as well as develop social programs that encourage and

incentivize the highest quality product. 

There are two offerings in the Peaceful Latte blends:


The Golden Latte consists of organic Turmeric, ginger, Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Our golden blend consists of organic Timorese spices. The turmeric they grow there is second to none!

The Ruby Latte consists of organic Beetroot powder and Ginger.

A little sweet and a little spicy. Beetroot is a natural anti-inflammatory and supports detoxification


Frozen lattes, tonics and frappes are also a refreshing option when drinking Peaceful lattes in the summer months.


We currently do no have any golden peaceful latte in stock. An equivalent product is the Organic Golden latte blend from Zee Tea