Clementine (orange) scented. Natural Soy Candle - from Fickle Soy Candle Co

$29.00 AUD


These beautiful soy candles are hand made in Geelong.

Candles are presented in a beautiful Medium sized Amber Glass Jar and will burn for 50+ hours

Why should you buy soy wax candles?
* Soy wax is a natural resource, it's renewable and it's kind to your lungs. * Soy wax produce 90% less soot than paraffin wax candles. * If you're burning paraffin wax candles, you're essentially breathing in carcinogenic petro-chemicals as paraffin wax is petroleum derived. * Soy wax burns cool, slow and has a steady, even flame. * You can re-use your candle jar as soy wax is easily washed out in hot soapy water.

clementine (orange)
Clementine is a soft, sweet, and more noticeably a citrus-floral scent. Clementine essential oil is well known for its ability to revitalize, while at the same time, balance when it comes to combating insomnia.