Q. How do I know what time to expect you on our delivery day?

A: Once orders have closed for your nominated delivery day and we have finalized our delivery schedule (generally the day prior to delivery) we will forward you an email or text notifying you of an approximate delivery time frame.

Q. What time do orders close?

A: Refer to the welcome page for order cut off dates / times.We are happy to accommodate late orders (see below). Please ensure that you select your preferred delivery day from the drop down box at checkout or we will assume you require your delivery on the next delivery day for your area.

Q. I missed the cut off time for orders but I still wish to place an order. What do I do?

A: If you missed the order cut off time it is likely we may have already placed our orders with farmers and suppliers which means that although we are happy to accommodate late orders to the best of our ability we may not be able to fulfill all aspects of your order. We  therefore suggest that late orders be placed in the form of a "Forget me Not box".These are available to customers who may have missed the order cut off time but would still like some produce delivered on our next delivery day. Choose either a $40 or $60 "Forget Me Not" Box from the "Mixed fruit & veg box" menu. The contents are based upon the $40 & $60 Mixed fruit & veg box  (as above), however depending upon availability of produce they may have a few surprise exclusions and substitutions. Grocery items can be also added to your order. To ensure fairness to all our customers we prefer to pack orders in the order in which they are received & suggest that you bear this in mind if placing a customised late order (opting not to purchase a forget me not box). Refunds will be issued for any out of stock items. We encourage customers to make a note of their request for a late order submission in the comments box at checkout so we don't assume that the order has been placed for the next delivery day available.

Q: How far in advance can I place my order?

A: As the prices & availability of fresh produce can vary significantly from week to week given weather conditions and the like, we only permit customers to order as per the calendar dates available at the checkout. However if some reason you need to place an order further in advance please contact us prior to make arrangements. 

Q: Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

A: You are not required to be home at the time of delivery as orders are all pre-paid, however goods are left at your own risk. Green Mumma does not accept responsibility for any items which are stolen. Don't worry though, it has only occurred once to date, and it was a single loaf of bread that was taken from the order. We are more than happy for customers to leave instructions of where they would like their delivery to be placed, thus reducing risk of items being stolen or tampered with. We do not accept responsibility for produce that is effected by warm weather if you are not at home to accept your order & therefore suggest that you may wish to leave an Esky or Cooler bag for us to place your fresh produce in.

Q: Is it any cheaper to have a friend's or family members order delivered to my address at the same time as my order?
A: We offer a discounted delivery rate of $4 per order for each delivery which is delivered to the same address on the same day. Although at the checkout each customer will initially be charged $7 when it comes to processing your order a refund will be applied to your account.

Q: Why must I pay $5 for a crate to be used for my order?

A: The utilisation of stackable crates serves several purposes. Firstly it helps us stay a little greener by reusing crates as opposed to purchasing cardboard boxes to place your order in. Crates also allow us to keep your order secure in our delivery vehicle whilst more effectively utilise the room in the vehicle, keeping delivery costs to a minimum. Crates are required from the second order onwards, allowing you to trial our services first prior to purchasing a crate. The charge for the crate is a one off. 

Q: What do I do with my crate once I have paid for it and unpacked it?

A: We recommend placing your crate out the night before your next scheduled delivery. Each time we deliver we will take the empty crate & replace it with one full of your Green Mumma goodness.

Q: How do pre order arrangements works?

A: Pre order arrangements work best for regular customers as once an item is received in stock we place it in your next order.

Q: I normally like to go into a store and choose my own produce and are curious regarding how much care goes into selecting produce for orders?

A: As a small family owned and operated business we pride ourselves on providing fresh high quality produce & grocery items. We like to meet our suppliers and taste the products for ourselves. From time to time we will will reject stock from a supplier if it does not meet our quality standards, which could result in items customers originally ordered being out of stock on the delivery day. Great care is taken in packing orders to reduce the instance of customers receiving any inferior products and produce such as apples that are overly bruised will be reclassified and sold as juicing quality stock to some of our loyal customers who love juicing. However, despite all these safeguards from time to time a customer may receive a product that they are not happy with. In this instance we request you contact us within 24 hours to advise of any quality issues and allow us to determine an appropriate solution which may entail a refund or a replacement item being delivered on our next delivery day. Early notification also allows us to alert any other customers that purchased the same product regarding a potential quality issue.

Q. What are you doing to reduce your environmental impact?

A: We have recently joined forces with Pat's veg to encourage all our customers to recycle their jars from their cultured veggies. This recycling initiative  offers customers a reimbursement on their next Pat's veg purchase when they return their jar. Read more about the scheme here. All our cardboard boxes are reused for new customers on their first order, or returned to the farmer or supplier for recycling. We also have a crate policy which requires customers to purchase a re-useable crate for use for their second delivery onwards. The utilisation of crates reduces the need for us to use cardboard boxes for orders, and also allows for stacking of orders in our delivering vehicle, resulting in travel. Keeping the environment in mind we also try to use as little plastic as possible when packing fresh produce. However through trial and error we have found that some items store and transport better when placed in a plastic bag. If you would prefer for us not to use any plastic we are more than happy to accommodate this request. Just make a note of this in the comments box when you order.