Essential oils


We began learning about & essential oils when seeking out natural remedies & alternatives for our household. They have allowed us to cut out a majority of the medicines, cleaning, personal care products and chemicals within our home.

We use DoTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils & Alecia is a DoTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate.

We are constantly learning about essential oils and continue to add new oils into our daily routine. At Green Mumma, we regularly run workshops. & we love the free webinars offered by, and Dr Josh Axe who is is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist. Find out more here


Some of our own favourite essential oils and blends:

- Lemon - we use daily in water for a beautiful fresh lemon flavour. If you struggle to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, this helps as the flavour is so pleasant. Lemon also has an alkalising effect on your body.

- Balance (Grounding blend) - Alecia's blend of choice. It has great calming properties, perfect for this super busy small business owner and mumma of 3. We also use on the bottom of our kids feet or chests before bed, to help with a more restful sleep.(No more 2 hour bed battles).

- Petal diffuser - Traditional oil burners & vapourisers heat the essential oils and can destroy some of the beneficial properties. You also have that worry of keeping the kids away from candle flames or hot steam. We love that the petal diffuser uses vibration to make a fine vapour that isn't hot to the touch so it's kiddie safe. It also features an ambient light which can be used as a night light too.

- On guard (Protective blend) - So handy during winter or changes of season when everyone seems to get sick. We use it to boost our immune systems, and the fluoride free whitening toothpaste is fab.. although the kids may need a little convincing about the taste as the clove taste was a bit strong for our crew!

We love sharing our knowledge of how we use essential oils. Pop into the store for a chat, Contact us or keep an eye out for our next workshop. You can also purchase individual oils or packs through us, or we can also talk you through the process of setting up your own wholesale account so you can save $$$

Advantages of a wholesale account:

- Save up to 25% off RRP

- Delivery straight to your

- No minimum monthly orders required. Just order when it suits you.

- Ability to obtain free product of the month

- Access to our private facebook groups where we share our best essential oil tips and advice

To get started:

We can set up your wholesale account in as little as 5 mins for you. We will need your contact details, DOB etc & details of what enrolment pack or oils / products you wish to order. We can provide advice regarding the best products to select to suit your needs and individual budget.

We can let you know what products and blends we use ourselves, and what our other customers are loving, or what is best to beat those winter nasties!


SMS: 0405 828 731

Or you can sign up yourself online -

- Follow this link - HERE

- Click join and save (Top left banner)

- Select your preferred language, and that you want items shipped out of Australia

- Click continue

- Select "local order" & then "continue"

- Select "Wholesale order"

-  Enter our wellness advocate details as your enroller / sponsor. (if they are not already prefilled in). # 4469160

- You will then need to select one of the enrolment packs (minimum cost $35) & then pick and choose what additional oils and products you wish to order.

Alternatively if you would like to order a few individual oils you can order via our online store.

Or contact us (details above) to discuss oils and blends that would best suit your needs prior to placing an order.