Maca Powder

$13.95 AUD

80gr pack.

Organic Maca Powder. Maca is a root grown in Peru and is part of the radish family. It is also known as Peruvian Ginseng. It's high in vitamins and minerals, increases energy and is great for womens and mens health issues. Because maca acts as an adaptogen, it responds to the body by regulating hormone production by increasing production of certain hormones that are low, and likewise reducing hormones that are being produced too much.

It's also believed the maca can help alleviate mental health issues and helps with mood swings. It has an earthy, nutty taste.


Heath Benefits of Maca:


-  Rich in B vitamins, vitamins C, E
-  Provides calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous amino acids
-  Used to boost libido, balance hormones and increase fertility
-  Used to relieve menstral issues and symptoms of menopause
-  To increase energy
-  Used to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and mood swings
-  To promote healthy skin

Product description & photos compliments of Zee tea