Large Organic Produce box

$85.00 AUD

1 x Salad Mix Leaves
1 x Baby Spinach leaves
1 x Mushroom Punnet
1 x Pumkin
1 x Broccoli Head
1 x Punnet Cherry tomatoes
1 x Grapes
1 x Capsicum
1 x Leek
1 x Spring Onion
2 x Beetroot
2 x Onions
2 x Pears
3 x Cucumbers
3 x Zucchini
3 x Kiwi Fruit
4 x Oranges
4 x Carrots
5 x Apples
6 x Potatoes
6 x Bananas


Please note that whilst we will always try and provide items exactly as specified, we may need to substitute on occasion if an item becomes unavailable or is not to our quality standards.

The fruit amount are based on Medium size fruit or Veg

All Fruit & Veg is 100% certified Organic or BioDynamic